The Collective

Shelby County has over 45,000 opportunity youth: young adults aged 16-24 who are out of school and out of work. Nearly half of these young adults are in poverty, and only 1% will obtain an Associates Degree by the time they are 28, which leads to living wage careers. The Collective was started in 2017 to solve this crisis in three fundamental ways. First, The Collective partners with young adults to support them in getting to their dreams and to in-demand careers making a living wage. Second, it engages with employers to build career pathways and ensure that young adults have meaningful work opportunities. Finally, The Collective works to change systems by elevating the voices of young adults and their ideas on how to fix a broken system. As a membership organization, The Collective is led by young adults and addresses poverty in Memphis by investing in their ideas directly. Its vision is that every young adult has the power to live their best life and the tools to make that a reality.



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“Partnering with Slingshot helps us to not only refine our approach, but to think critically about how to increase our impact for the future.”

Sabrina Dawson, Vice President of Programs, Co-Founder