To meet the evolving needs of our under-resourced neighbors, Slingshot is listening to our nonprofit partners and other respected stakeholders in Memphis’ poverty-fighting ecosystem. This, coupled with Slingshot’s evidence-based approach, is positioning us to attract and direct resources - financial and otherwise - toward solutions with the greatest impact. Below are some of Slingshot’s recent efforts.

Week of May 25th

  • $7,500 investment in Agape Child & Family Services to support its efforts to overcome the digital divide facing many of the families it serves and to assist with its introduction of telehealth program delivery

  • $4,250 investment in Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) to help support the first-time mothers and their families that NFP supports. These funds could provide $50 grocery gifts cards to 50% of the families NFP is currently serving

  • Facilitated a potential partnership for Just City and Porter-Leath to help provide additional benefits to the recipients of Memphis Athletic Ministries' and Neighborhood Christian Centers' food distribution events

  • Provided thought partnership to Hope House as they evaluate enhancements to their measurement infrastructure through improved database options and the digitization of all data collection

Week of May 18th

Week of May 11th

  • Researched and emailed our nonprofit partners and friends a set of resources to help with the transition to a remote working model, and other COVID-related support. Topics included:
    1) A guide for remote working tools
    2) A guide for data privacy best practices
    3) A collection of resources to support virtual fundraising efforts
    4) A comprehensive list of emergency financial assistance programs and COVID-19 resources
    To view the email that summarizes these resources, please click here.

  • $5,000 investment in Moore Tech to help its transition to virtual programming and a more digitally-enabled infrastructure. These funds could potentially support up to one-third of the costs of recent proposals for a student and curriculum technology platform.

  • $4,900 investment in Just City to support its ongoing bail fund efforts as over 70% of staff and detainees recently tested at Shelby County Jails were positive for COVID-19. These funds could support 12-15 new bail payments over the next 12 months.

  • Shared information about the government's COVID-19 Telehealth Program and application process with Hope House as it considers ways to offer virtual therapy and programming to its clients

Week of May 4th

  • $3,000 investment in Alpha Omega Veteran Services to help provide the necessary infrastructure to support remote working. Slingshot arranged for the purchase of 10 laptops with antivirus software and several Zoom Pro and Adobe accounts that could be covered by these funds

  • $4,750 investment in The Collective Blueprint to support its transition to virtual programming. Slingshot arranged the purchase of 25 laptops for staff and program participants that could be covered by these funds

  • $5,000 investment in Juvenile Intervention & Faith-based Follow-up (JIFF) to support its transition to virtual programming enable by tablets and SIM cards to be used by participants. These funds could support one month of virtual programming needs

  • Shared information about the government's COVID-19 Telehealth Program and application process with Agape Child and Family Services in case it can provide potential funding for their transition.

  • Distributed 220 donated high-quality masks to Hope House to support the safety of its staff and immunocompromised clients

  • Provided feedback to Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) on a survey they are administering at their food distribution events to better understand the challenges and needs of those who are seeking food assistance

Week of April 27th

  • $5,000 investment in The Soulsville Charter School as it continues to support its students the remainder of the academic year. These funds could support the purchase of 15-20+ Chromebooks needed to support students not only this year but also in future academic years.

  • $5,000 investment in Communities in Schools Memphis (CISM). CISM seeks to raise $500 each for 50 beneficiary families that it has identified as facing food insecurity and employment concerns. These funds could provide support for 10 CISM beneficiary families.

  • $5,000 investment in Lifeline to Success. Team members are unable to access food pantry and other relief services due to their working hours on the Blight Patrol. These funds could help supplement the missed food pantry benefits for all team members for the next month.

  • $4,000 investment in Hope House as it continues to serve its clients through its food pantry. Hope House is taking extra precautions with its food pantry to ensure the safety of its immunocompromised clients. These funds could support food pantry operations for 2 months.

  • $4,000 investment in Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) to support its weekly food distribution events that serve 300 families with food for two weeks at a cost of less than $1.25 per day. These funds could support all the food and supplies for one of the upcoming food distribution events.

  • $3,500 investment in Neighborhood Christian Centers (NCC) to support its mobile food distribution events. Slingshot negotiated a long-term rental for a larger, more reliable truck as the existing truck used to distribute food requires repairs. These funds could support the truck rental for 3 months and/or help repair the existing truck.

  • $2,500 investment in Su Casa Family Ministries to support its efforts to provide relief for under-resourced Latinx families that are unable to receive government support. These funds could provide support for five of the families Su Casa seeks to assist.

Week of April 20th

1) A local source for low-cost, refurbished corporate laptops, desktops, tablets
2) A nonprofit community that offers significant discounts for technology solutions
3) A simple guide to help your beneficiaries obtain low-cost phones and phone plans
4) Options for two months of free Internet service for low-income households
5) Guidance for use of funds and forgiveness of CARES Act loan
6) A platform to post and match volunteer opportunities

​​​​​To view the email that summarizes these resources, please click here.

Week of April 13th

Week of April 6th

  • Su Casa identified a lack of Spanish-language materials about COVID-19. Slingshot then shared two Spanish-language websites with COVID-related health information, a Spanish-language activity book and short story to help educate children about COVID-19, and identified volunteers who could assist with translating material and interpreting for meetings related to obtaining COVID relief support.