Mission & Three Critical Functions

Slingshot is an independent assessor of poverty-fighting impact. Slingshot’s mission is to create a demonstrable reduction in poverty by promoting a results-driven poverty-fighting ecosystem in Memphis, TN. To accomplish this mission, Slingshot performs three critical functions.

  • First, Slingshot helps identify nonprofits with the evidence or potential to create the most poverty-fighting impact and provides an objective assessment of their performance.

  • Second, Slingshot works alongside nonprofits to identify opportunities for growth and enhance their capabilities and impact.

  • Third, Slingshot directly invests, and influences further investments, to help amplify high-impact interventions and address opportunities for growth.


Your investment in Slingshot goes 100% to the work, not our expenses. 

Our Measurement Funders, alongside our Board of Directors, are committed to covering all operating costs. This unique framework guarantees that every cent of every dollar invested into Slingshot's IMPACT Fund will directly impact our city's highest-performing poverty-fighting programs.

We shouldn't - and don't - hold back.

Slingshot will strive to invest each dollar in the most expeditious and strategic way possible. Just as earlier investments in equities grow faster due to compounding interest, earlier investments in poverty reduction can reduce more suffering over time. We don’t wait.

Creating an informed investor.

Our data-driven analysis provides a tool by which to achieve consistently powerful outcomes, and it does so in a way that gives investors clear evidence (good or bad) about the impact of their actions.

Achieving measurable results in community.

Creating impact often requires a calculated and bold investment. When we pool our poverty-fighting investments, we gain the opportunity to make the scalable, high-impact investments that none of us could likely make alone.

Leveraging additional streams of revenue.

Slingshot helps various partners explore and pursue public funding. These funding opportunities free private resources to invest in new innovation, new partner organizations, and new measurement systems that will lead to even more outside support. It’s a cycle that can grow poverty-reducing solutions with exponential speed.