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Slingshot stands in solidarity

Slingshot Memphis stands in solidarity with the Black community. We condemn the disturbing deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the numerous other seen and unseen victims of racial injustice. These tragedies are not isolated events but rather are characteristic of inequitable systems that disproportionately affect the Black community in the United States.

An abundance of evidence clearly shows that racism and racial inequity are intricately tied to gaps in economic opportunity, education, healthcare, and criminal justice. As such, times like these reaffirm the importance and the urgency of the work that Slingshot’s poverty-fighting nonprofit partners perform each and every day. Our nonprofit partners are on the front lines of combating many of these unjust systems that persist in our community and in our society.

We acknowledge the exhaustion, frustration, and anger that results from the deep-rooted nature of racism and racial animosity in our country. Slingshot’s team is grieving alongside our community, and we hold fast to our mission and remain guided by our values.

This is a time for urgency and creative solutions to the persistent racial and social injustice in our country and in Memphis. We call on all individuals and organizations to join us in continuing to educate ourselves, dismantle systems of oppression, commit to diversity and inclusion, and remain engaged in the fight to eliminate the racial inequities that exist in all aspects of our society.

At Slingshot, we will continue to prioritize humility and empathy in collaborating with our neighbors. We will listen, place their needs first, and lead with love.

Team Slingshot