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2020 Matching Challenge

As 2020 comes to a close, I want to acknowledge two primary levers in Memphis' fight against poverty.

First, Slingshot Memphis is honored to actively work alongside 23 of our city’s most formidable poverty-fighting nonprofits. Though their interventions vary (providing shelter, job training, education, addiction services, healthcare, etc.), these nonprofits have one thing in common: they each have evidence or the potential to create significant impact in the lives of our under-resourced neighbors. Next month, Slingshot will be expanding its reach, folding an additional seven nonprofits into its portfolio. Stay tuned for details.

Second, Slingshot is inspired by its growing movement of smart and bold donors. Despite the resistance faced in 2020, more individuals, families, businesses, foundations, and faith communities are embracing change and rejecting the inertia of the status quo. These donors recognize the need for innovation and leapfrog change. These donors are asking different questions and anticipating different results. These donors seek to leverage their investments. Case in point:

  1. Slingshot’s Measurement Funders, alongside its Board of Directors, are committed to covering all operating costs. This enables every dollar to directly impact Slingshot’s growing portfolio of nonprofits.

  2. Slingshot invests each dollar in the most expeditious and strategic way possible. Just as earlier investments in equities grow faster due to compounding interest, earlier investments in poverty reduction can reduce more suffering over time. We don’t wait.

Linda and Frank Smith, two of Slingshot’s most loyal supporters, recently launched a matching challenge up to $300,000 for donations made through December 31st. Please note, this match is legitimate, meaning, it is upon us to unlock this capital; it won't be released if it is not matched. We are making serious headway but we are nowhere near the finish line. We need your help to secure these dollars. See below to learn more about this opportunity.

If you are looking to leverage charitable dollars before year-end, please keep Slingshot’s results-driven approach in mind. You can invest online, mail a check, or wire securities. Rest assured, our team will work overtime to ensure your investment is optimized. Our under-resourced neighbors deserve nothing less.

Last but not least, there is a growing body of evidence that Slingshot’s dynamic feedback loop is providing nonprofits and donors with new insights that enable more effective decision making. Slingshot is humbled and energized to amplify the vital roles of nonprofits and funders alike. As I often say, you cannot Slingshot that which doesn't exist
That being said, Slingshot’s platform is not built for the preservation of nonprofits or the legacies of funders. Slingshot is laser focused on improving the quality of life for its ultimate clients, our under-resourced neighbors. Currently the vast majority do not have the chance to get and stay out of poverty. But it doesn't have to stay this way. 
With thanks and appreciation,
Justin Miller

Here is how the matching challenge works:
New, recent, and current donors: If donate in 2020, and pledge to donate in 2021 and 2022, the donation in 2020 will be matched $2 to $1
New donors: If donate in 2020, donation will be matched $1 to $1
Recent donors: If donated in 2019, any increase in the donation for 2020 will be matched $1 to $1
Current donors: If already donated in 2020, any additional donation in 2020 will be matched $1 to $1
New monthly donors: If commit to be a monthly donor, monthly donation will be matched