In 2018, Slingshot Memphis formalized its mission and adopted new aspirations and values. They tell the community what drives us and what we plan to accomplish. And perhaps more important, they align and guide our team, stakeholders, and partners around our shared purpose.
Our Mission

Slingshot Memphis aims to create a demonstrable reduction in poverty by promoting a results-driven poverty-fighting ecosystem.

Our Aspirations

+ Create a demonstrable reduction in poverty.

+ Establish the standard for useful and transparent measurement of poverty-fighting impact.

+ Support nonprofits to maximize their poverty-fighting impact.

+ Attract new and more resources for high-impact programs.

+ Promote and cultivate a results-driven poverty-fighting ecosystem.

Our Values

Objectivity and Rigor. 

Our analyses are objective and independent of outside influence. We embrace rigor and efficiency to improve the performance of our partners and further our mission to reduce poverty.


We call on our own bravery, and that of our stakeholders, to find the solutions that work and cast aside those that do not.

Urgency and Creativity. 

We must find more effective ways to fight poverty. This requires urgency and creativity in finding new solutions to old problems.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We value the perspectives and insights that a varied constituency brings to our work. An inclusive approach to fighting poverty is our path toward achieving equity among Memphians.

Humility, Empathy, and Love.

Most importantly, we couch all of our work in humility and empathy. In collaboration with our under-resourced neighbors, we must listen, place their needs first, and lead with love.