Levels of Partnership

Slingshot currently distinguishes between two types of partnerships: Affiliate and Investee. 

Affiliate Partner

An organization who is invited to be an Affiliate Partner will participate in the full Slingshot Impact Assessment process during its first year of partnership. This will involve assessing the partner's poverty-fighting performance across four dimensions:

●      Benefit-cost ratio

●      Use of best practices

●      Measurement infrastructure

●      Systems-level change

This assessment process requires a high level of transparency and engagement for both the Affiliate Partner and Slingshot. The process will culminate in a report that contains a summary of the evidence Slingshot has collected about our partner’s performance, the partner’s rating in each of the above dimensions, as well as very specific and actionable opportunities for growth. Following the assessment process, Slingshot team members will serve as a thought partner to help identify strategies for increasing poverty-fighting impact.

Affiliate Partners are eligible for funding from Slingshot's IMPACT Fund, subject to current funding ability, the assessed performance of any given partner organization, and the needs of any given partner organization. If funding is provided to an Affiliate Partner, that organization is then renamed as an Investee Partner for the duration of the funding period.

There is no guarantee of funding from Slingshot, nor is there a guarantee that an organization will continue to be an Affiliate Partner if funding is not available.

Investee Partners

Organizations that have completed the Impact Assessment Process as Affiliate Partners will be considered as candidates for Investee Partner status. The decision of whether or not to promote an Affiliate Partner to Investee status will be made by Slingshot’s Board of Directors, based on the performance of an individual organization relative to the overall portfolio, the availability of funding, and other factors.

Since an Investee Partner has already completed the Impact Assessment Process at least once, it will likely not be necessary for that partner to go through the process in every year of Investee status.

Instead, the focus of ongoing assessment work with an Investee Partner is the continued development of its Slingshot Impact Profile (SIP). This is a collection of data, analysis, and other information that is specific to each Investee Partner. The SIP is first created when an organization is an Affiliate Partner.

Moving forward, Slingshot Memphis aims to survey its Investee Partners annually. The primary purpose of these surveys would be to gather up-to-date information about each partner across the four dimensions mentioned above. This is intended to keep the SIP as current as possible. This would not necessarily trigger the creation of a new deliverable for the partner.

Funding provided to Investee Partners comes from Slingshot's IMPACT Fund and is unrestricted by Slingshot.

There is no guarantee that having received funding in the past will lead to funding in the future. The level of funding provided to each partner in Slingshot's portfolio, if any, is determined on an annual basis by its Board of Directors.