Welcome, Fighters.

From the beginning, our work at Slingshot has always centered around you - our city’s relentless poverty-fighting organizations. 

As we work to improve the quality of life for our neighbors, we know that "we" is really you. After all, you cannot slingshot that which does not exist.

The risks you are taking on behalf of our neighbors have motivated us to take more risks ourselves. Thank you. Your willingness to be transparent and brave is commendable.

You genuinely want to know if your organization is making a difference and, if so, how much. Slingshot aims to follow your lead, celebrating our strengths, and being honest about our growth opportunities.

Together, we must become more vulnerable, share resources, and provide one another with clear evidence about the impact of our actions. We must give ourselves permission to be honest, take calculated risks, and to fail. Ultimately our decisions must be driven by what is right for our under-resourced neighbors. Thanks for leading the way.

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