April 1, 2o20

Slingshot Stakeholders,

I’m writing to share information about how Slingshot is responding to the recent and unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, as well as critical intelligence that we’ve collected from our partner organizations about how the poverty-fighting landscape is evolving.

In summary, Slingshot is responding to COVID-19 in 3 ways:

  • Maintaining frequent contact with our partners and other stakeholders to gather critical information

  • Sharing information with the community from our growing knowledge base

  • Expeditiously and strategically deploying resources – financial and otherwise

What can you do?

  1. Explore each of the pages included within this section of the website. This information, especially as it involves targeted ways in which you can engage, is being updated regularly.

  2. Please consider investing directly in one of our partner organizations, in Slingshot’s IMPACT Fund, or in other high-impact poverty-fighting nonprofits in our community.

The sooner we confront this crisis, the more good we can create. It’s not just about addressing existing suffering - and there is plenty of that - it’s also about preventing as much future suffering as we can. This demands more urgency, transparency, and data-informed decision making.

Slingshot’s growing movement of people and organizations are determined to create the greatest impact possible, especially at this time.

Be a slingshot! It matters now more than ever.

Justin Miller