Advance Memphis

In 1999, Advance Memphis was founded by Executive Director Steve Nash to bring resources for financial self-sufficiency to residents in and around the Cleaborn and Foote Public Housing Developments. That year, 38126 was the third poorest urban zip code in the nation. For decades, the community has been plagued by generational poverty and its symptoms: crime, unemployment, low graduation rates, and a high infant mortality rate. Conversely, the neighborhood is blessed with many residents who are working hard to learn, grow, and care for their families and neighbors. Over the last 16 years, programs at Advance have expanded to create a holistic, stepping-stone system, supporting our neighbors in 38126 as they move toward financial stability.



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“It has been a pleasure working with the Slingshot team! Their expertise, in addition to the time they took to really grasp our mission and the context we serve, has been priceless to me as the database manager. It makes our work more valuable to staff as we see how our efforts impact the neighbors we serve - and as a result help us to serve our neighbors better. I am grateful for this partnership and look forward to seeing where this road leads.”

Ann Brainerd, Accounting and Database Coordinator