Partner Expansion Process

Slingshot Memphis currently has 23 poverty-fighting nonprofit organizations in its portfolio. At this time, we are not entering into any new partnerships; however, we do expect to partner with an increasing number of nonprofit organizations in the future.

Below is a brief overview of Slingshot’s partner expansion process. Slingshot understands the challenges involved when deciding which opportunities merit organizations’ limited time and energy. Before moving forward, we strongly encourage all organizations to become familiar with the information on this website. Doing so will help to ensure that our objectives are complementary.

Basic requirements for partnership: 

  • An organization must have 501(c)(3) registered non-profit status or have fiscal sponsorship.

  • An organization must have the evidence or potential to facilitate high-impact, data-driven solutions that improve the quality of life for our under-resourced neighbors by increasing income or improving health.

  • The organization's work must be primarily focused in Memphis.

If your organization meets the above requirements, and you are interested in better understanding your organization’s poverty-fighting impact, we invite you to explore partnership opportunities. The process we follow proceeds in two steps as outlined below.

How the process works:

Phase I begins with a short questionnaire that enables Slingshot to better understand the nature of a nonprofit organization and its poverty-fighting efforts. Click here to review the Questionnaire from 2019.

All organizations that submit a Phase I questionnaire will be reviewed by Slingshot staff.  If determined to be a strong candidate for partnership, organizations will be invited to further explore partnership opportunities and submit a Phase II survey that can be reviewed here. Those organizations that complete a Phase II questionnaire will move forward to a final selection process as determined by Slingshot’s Board of Directors, led by the Partner Expansion Committee.

(Please note that the questions in the above questionnaires are subject to change.)