Impact Study Expansion

Slingshot Memphis is a poverty-fighting center of influence that's igniting a movement to revolutionize the way we fight poverty. To turn our mission into reality, we work with poverty-fighting organizations to study their effectiveness, identify opportunities to enhance their outcomes, and invest directly to amplify high-impact programs and services. We seek to empower decision-makers by providing previously unavailable insights that can help produce more effective outcomes for our neighbors experiencing poverty.

Slingshot conducts an Impact Study to determine the poverty-fighting effectiveness of an organization. Over a 2-4 month process, evidence is gathered from the organization, external research is conducted, impact profiles are created to capture the evidence and insights, accurate impact results are identified, opportunities for growth are prioritized, and deliverables are produced. The first Impact Study conducted provides a baseline, which is then updated annually to capture changes and measure trajectory.

Basic criteria for organizations:

  • A meaningful proportion of participants are experiencing poverty or at risk of poverty

  • Programs and services must clearly improve the income and/or health of participants

  • Work must be geographically focused on the Memphis metropolitan area

  • Must have the capacity to participate in a 3-4 month impact study that includes 10-15 meetings and several data requests

How the process works:

The Impact Study Expansion process enables Slingshot to increase the number of poverty-fighting organizations we work with. The expansion process consists of three phases.

  • Phase I focuses on getting to know your organization, including how you help alleviate poverty and why you are interested in participating in Slingshot's Impact Study. The deadline to submit the Phase I questionnaire is Friday, September 10th.

  • Phase II focuses on better understanding your programs and your organization's capacity to complete the Impact Study.

  • Phase III focuses on getting to know your team members and organization in more detail, and includes a site visit.

The current expansion process will conclude by the end of October and Impact Studies with new organizations will commence in early 2022. The next Impact Study Expansion process will kickoff in Q1 of 2022.