Slingshot Impact Assessments

Slingshot’s Impact Assessment (SIA) is an accurate, cost-effective, and scalable framework to estimate poverty-fighting impact – the net change that a given intervention or program creates in a person's life.  

The SIA is used to evaluate our partners’ performance on four dimensions: benefit-cost ratio, use of best practices, measurement infrastructure, and systems-level change. 

Behind Slingshot's measurement is a mathematical formula called the Slingshot Universal Algorithm (SUA). The SUA is both very complex and straightforward. Simply put, it positions us to ask the right questions and measure what matters.

The culmination of this analysis is an objective, customized report that we share with our partners’ staff and leadership, and which can be used to establish a valuable baseline of performance.

The SIA is not the end of Slingshot’s work with its partners – it is really just the beginning. When we identify what works, we celebrate it. When we discover what isn’t working, or what could work better, we provide concrete recommendations on ways to increase effectiveness and impact.

This will also enable Slingshot to reduce its margin of error. Although we strive to assess, support, and fund our partners with the utmost objectivity, we are still developing and testing our evidence-based approach. Thus, we need feedback. We invite you to review the SUA and our methodology. Use it and help us make it better.